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Recent Comments & Queries from other Timeshare Owners

We receive comments, questions and queries from hundreds of troubled Timeshare, Points, Floating Weeks & Fractional ownership scheme members each month and have published a selection of recent comments below. To see a selection of earlier in 2016 & 2015, please click here.

"A problem shared is a problem halved" as they say, so for free expert advice, please call 0203 6704 616 or complete the SEE YOUR OPTIONS form now.

Your Stories

3rd July 2016 - Mr Ian D, West Lothian - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Looking for advice as we where offered an upgrade but used the fourteen day cooling off period to cancel the upgrade, but we still have our original fractional agreement."

3rd July 2016 - Mr Andy B - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought the membership using their recommended loan provider, can't ever get the resorts we want when we want."

2nd July 2016 - Mrs Jane H, West Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We bought at GVC initially in 2003 - told it was easy to book holidays and we would be able to get two weeks. This was not the case and they talked us into buying more points to ensure a two week holiday. We then were told fractional points were better and would ensure our children would not have our "debt" of points - this again has proved horrendous for us, paying large amounts for the fraction and also continuing with the maintenance fees. This is really expensive now and still we have no guarantee of two weeks holiday and end up on holiday with "" or groupon for much less than we pay in maintenance. We really need some advice."

2nd July 2016 - Mr Geoffrey W, North Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We would like to leave DRI after being sold GVC points in 1997."

1st July 2016 - Mr David B - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Fractional

"Paid over £8000, hardly ever used it, but now keep getting threatening letters"

1st July 2016 - Mrs Patricia N, Inverness - MacDonald Resorts Fixed week

"We were conned into buying this timeshare but was bought before 1999. However, McDonalds Resort sent me a letter dated 11th August 2014, intimating my new points allocation of 3300 Points Rights, also advising for me to 'get out' I will have pay a termination payment to MRL of 4 times the annual maintenance fees. No consultation, just this letter. Please advise if I have a claim"

1st July 2016 - Mrs Sheena R, Northamptonshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Hi, We regrettably purchased timeshare with Club La Costa several years ago. We tried to sell it unsuccessfully as the company that did it for us proved to be another scam. What option do we have, if any, to reclaim back some of the money that we parted with? They put up the service charge to £1000 a year too, which was not explained to us at the time we bought. Thanks, Sheena."

1st July 2016 - Mrs Beverley R, London - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"I bought Club la Costa points - I purchased with a deposit on a credit card and Club la Costa got us a loan for the remainder from a finance company in Jersey or Guernsey. I couldn't afford to pay the maintenance … or the loan off. I felt I was conned."


30th June 2016 - Mr Grant P, Aberdeenshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"How do I get out of my points contract?"

30th June 2016 - Mr Michael M, Wales - Marriott Resorts Points

"They sell you something you can't use. We were sold a product but we can never book the dates we want and then they will not listen to you about it."

30th June 2016 - Ms Patricia B - Palm Oasis Gran Canaria

"I understand ours is an ownership. We have our original deeds with us. So can you still help us?"

30th June 2016 - Mr Philip P - Anfi Group

"Upgraded a number of times. Cannot find last contract made for two weeks in penthouse at Gran Anfi."

29th June 2016 - Mr Alexander M, Fife - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought GVC 1997. Since changed hands before Diamond Resorts now own. Management fees ridiculous, availability very difficult. Happy to give them away if I can be free of yearly fees."

29th June 2016 - Mrs Jacqueline R, Kent - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"I was advised to change to Atlas points and paid £2,200.00 because they said it would easier to sell. They lied."

28th June 2016 - Mrs Julia T, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Stuck with a debt, fees too high and cannot afford holidays after not being able to refinance as advised by CLC"

28th June 2016 - Mrs Gillian J, Staffordshire - Odyssey

"Bought in 2007. Told we had to make immediate decision with no cooling off period. Competed paperwork then was taken to our hotel in a taxi by a representative who took my credit card details to cover the full cost. Have recently advised them I can no longer afford to pay the fees..."

28th June 2016 - Mr John S, Shropshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I will be 70 in 2017 and am worried about paying the maintenance fees or being able to use the points."

28th June 2016 - Mrs Vivienne S, Hampshire - II Floating Weeks

"Purchased timeshare in July 2005. After being approached by someone in the street with prize tickets, saying w'd won a bottle of wine. We were taken to the timeshare companies offices to collect it then this turned into a high pressure sales pitch etc..."

27th June 2016 - Mr Kenneth S - RCI Weeks

"Have been trying to get out of this for years…"

27th June 2016 - Mrs Donna M, Perthshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I can't afford to pay the massive management fees as I was made redundant ... And I'm still paying off the finance too."

27th June 2016 - Mr Charles B, Kent - GVC/Diamond Resorts

"I brought into a timeshare. Cannot afford the management fees but was not allowed to sell. This was originally with GVC, now Diamond Resorts. What can I do?"

27th June 2016 - Dr L N, Avon - Silverpoint Fixed Weeks

"Palm Beach Club, Las Americas, Tenerife. The new owners, Silverpoint, are stating we can no longer be guaranteed the apartment we bought on the weeks we bought. The timeshare is becoming a hotel which is not maintained well."

26th June 2016 - Mrs D K, Kent - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"Would like to be free of Club la Costa as we believe we were mis sold it."

26th June 2016 - Mr Graham B, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC) Points

"We have heard of potential for claims against CLC and are interested to talk to someone about our options"

25th June 2016 - Mrs Felicity B, Devon - Diamond Resorts (DRI) Points

"Joined in 1999 (GVC) then Sunterra. Was then pushed to upgrade to Diamond Resorts in 2011."

25th June 2016 - Mr M B, Renfrewshire - RCI

"Owned a red week Malta. It was floating then we got told to move to Points and paid extra. Now I am on something else I think, but I don't know what..."

23rd June 2016 - Mrs Margaret G, North Ayrshire - Anfi Group

"We eventually had to just stop paying fees as one of the group who owned passed away & this was no longer affordable. Please can you advise as we feel that we were totally ripped off."

22nd June 2016 - Mrs Deborah K, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We have reading about timeshare mis-selling and newspaper articles saying we can claim money - is this true? If so how do we claim back?"

20th June 2016 - Mrs Sally W, Surrey - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We do not want compensation, just to get out of Diamond resorts and our ongoing obligation to pay yearly fees."

20th June 2016 - Mr Sidney W, West Midlands - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Have been a member since 2006 approx. but cannot get hols I want. Talked into purchasing Fractional ownership to get out of it eventually. Then they introduced booking fees for Fractional owners at 10 pence per point and then increased this to 15 pence booking fee for every point. This works out at an extra £600 per year for 4000 points on top of maintenance fees. Now up for sale, but no interest at all. Have spent approx £42,0000 - £45,000 over 10 yrs and need to get some or all of it back."

21st June 2016 - Mr Javed M, Lancashire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have a DRI discovery package. Already been charged £600 deposit, signed up in easter break (March 2016). Paying via finance group Shawbrook, £100 pounds a month. So far haven't been able to book anything that we actually want and at our time, nothing is ever available. Been told that we can only book from Saturday to Saturday. Completely mis-sold."

21st June 2016 - Mrs Jayne M, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"We have been with CLC for 10yrs + but are concerned about the possibilty of perpetuity leaving out kids in debt."

21st June 2016 - Mr John W, Lancs - DRI Royal Sunset Beach Club, Tenerife

"Bought with GVC, but I wrote to them to say I no longer wanted to be a member and stopped making payments. I asked them for a copy of the contract with my signature as proof that I signed for lifetime ... Now I have received a letter from a debt collection company demanding payment."

20th June 2016 - Mrs Susan H, Cambridgeshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Would like to get out £1000 a year management fees"

17th June 2016 - Mrs Stephanie J - Club La Costa (CLC) Fractional

"Soaring maintenance fees & change of circumstances me we are struggling to pay fees. How can we get out and get we get any money back?"

17th June 2016 - Mr William R, Scottish Borders - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have been trying to get out of my points now since January 2015 and was referred to Travel & Leisure who took more money to advertise them and sell them. After 6 months I had heard nothing so I called to be told they had not sold them and would need more money to advertise them again, which I was not happy about. I asked for a settlement figure to get out of this, for which I got a letter to the effect and they now wanted £5500 plus £3180 in unpaid fees for me to get out. So I bought points supposedly worth £7500 and they want me to pay them over £8600 just to get out of it. I am not to happy. Since then I have had a letter from a debt collection company chasing me for the £3180 in unpaid fees."

"A problem shared is a problem halved" as they say, so for free expert advice, please call 0203 6704 616 or complete the SEE YOUR OPTIONS form now.

16th June 2016 - Mr Anthony D - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought CLC vacation club in 2007. Unable to book holidays we want and constantly being targeted to buy more/convert to fractional. We want out of contract."

16th June 2016 - Mr Alan H, Leicestershire - Anfi Group

"I have, on numerous occasions enquired about selling our floating week back, as we were informed we could. However I've had no success. Over the years it has become more difficult to book the week I want, and despite being informed that it was on our file we need a ground floor apartment, as one of the family uses a wheelchair, this has not been possible."

14th June 2016 - Mrs Helen L, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Increase in management fees and lack of availability means these points are useless and a con."

13th June 2016 - Mrs Sharon E, Spain - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Bought originally with GVC who transferred to DRI - given no choice but to go with it. Minimal availability where we have wanted to holiday without putting on the pressure. Now see others using the resorts for a fraction of the cost through external companies - DRI's response is they have the option to sell their inventory at whatever price they want to. Circumstances changed and we just want out now, but feel aggrieved and want to look into a claim if possible"

10th June 2016 - Miss Joan H, Derbyshire - WimPen Leisure

"I am joint owner with my partner. We would be pleased to dispose of this timeshare as we never got what we were sold"

9th June 2016 - Mrs Gillian M, Berkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Feel really fed up with the ever increasing maintenance fees, lack of availability. We basically could book a very good accommodation for the fees we pay each year without having forked out the £20k odd we did."

7th June 2016 - Mr Andrew T, Cambridgeshire - RCI

"We bought this timeshare in 2002 a deposit of €340 was paid on the 18/7/2002 and a further €340 in cash on the 19/07/2002 to a Tropical Parks employee. On return to England, they called us with a different account number to pay the remaining balance of €8791, which we did on 7/08/2002. We recieved a letter from Tropical Park dated 19/09/2002 stating they had discovered the employee had asked some purchasers to transfer money to a current account that did not belong to them. Then a long term dispute over ownership of said weeks ensued. During this time of dispute I refused to pay any maintainence fees which obviously mounted to a point where we have never used this timeshare again. I believe the timeshare to be mis-sold and would be interested to know if I am entitled to a full refund. Your advice would be much appreciated. Kind regards Andrew"

7th June 2016 - Mr Alan C, Gwent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"GVC 1999, then Sunterra, then DRI points and finally talked into DRI Fractional in 2013. Can you help me get out of this and claim something back?"

7th June 2016 - Dr Lynne W, South Lanarkshire - Seasons

"Every time we contact seasons to book our yearly week or weekend we are informed that only the same 2 resorts are available, 1 resort only a 40 min drive from the house we live in."

7th June 2016 - Mrs Ivanka K, Essex - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I am not happy with my membership at all. I feel misled as it's not as they described it initially. It's so hard to book although my contract is for 1 week high season. On the top of this they keep increasing their fees and I cannot afford it any more. I tried to sell it, but there's no interest. That is why I would like to claim my money back as I'm not receiving what I paid for."

6th June 2016 - Mrs Patricia J, County Down - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We have been repeatedly sold more points and cannot cope with the Management Fees which are very expensive."

6th June 2016 - Mrs Linda M, Devon - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Advice required please re our timeshare which is no longer used. Originally we were told there was a buy back facility but when enquired told this was no longer available."

6th June 2016 - Mrs Rosalyn D, Greater Manchester - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We were encouraged to buy more points so we could use them for flights to USA and car hire, but we can't do either and can never get in anywhere in the UK when trying to book. This must be false advertising? Also the maintenance fees also went up because we upgraded to Gold membership, but they still never have availability, even though I could get it through Booking.Com. The whole thing is a joke."

6th June 2016 - Mr G Y - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I have experienced all the difficulties outlined on your website - and more."

6th June 2016 - Mrs Colleen B - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Wanting to understand if was mis-sold. And options for exiting contract"

3rd June 2016 - Miss Andre T, Londonderry - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Please help me get out of this as I took finance in November 2014. It is costing me £320 per month and I'm not happy with the service of CLC or the way it was sold. Thank you, Andre."

2nd June 2016 - Mr R S - Bluegreen Vacations

"How can i get out of my timeshare? I'm losing sleep over this. Its through Bluegreen Vacations"

2nd June 2016 - Mr Thomas A, County Down - Club La Costa (CLC)

"My circumstances have changed and I will be finding it hard to repay this. Plus when I went back to CLC I was pressured into buying and upgrading to the signature suites. Which was £30000 more."

31st May 2016 - Mrs Yvonne N, London - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Our concerns relate to gross misrepresentation of services purchased in 2007 from CLC. By way of Substandard accommodation, inflated management fees, which were were informed would be standard, but kept rising. During the vacation we were told we had to attend a 90 min presentation, which turned out to be a pressurised 5 hour long session, blinded by facts and figures, to upgrade and purchase extra points, through deposit and signed finance via GE Money.. We also found we could not book holidays on the dates we requested. We were very disappointed with the service and have been endeavouring to obtain redress from CLC and GE Money."

31st May 2016 - Mrs Katia P, Northamptonshire -Club La Costa (CLC)

"Want to get out of Club la Costa , but I don't know how."

30th May 2016 - Mrs Hazel B, Surrey - RCI

"We have fixed week in Callao Gardens in Tenerif. RCI exchange weeks are costly and difficult to book and Callao Gardens is now shabby and maintenance continues to increase."

30th May 2016 - Mr G M, County Armagh - RCI

"When we bought the timeshare we were told it was very easy to exchange with lots of 'Gold' award apartments available. This was not the case. We were also told that we could get much cheaper flights, but to no avail. An all-inclusive package holiday often work out much cheaper than going through RCI."

30th May 2016 - Mr Steve R, Nottinghamshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We bought share points with Sunterra a few years ago and feel that diamond resorts pressured us into buying more and more not explaining enough about the management fee's we now have 30,000 points"

30th May 2016 - Miss Lucy F - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"I cannot seem to find a way out if this commitment that 'Ive had for over 25 years. The annual fees keep going up and I've never seen any changes or improvements. I want to get rid of it."

29th May 2016 - Mrs S RDiamond Resorts (DRI)

"Need advice on opting out and getting initial fees back."

28th May 2016 -Mrs Gill B, Gloucestershire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Trying to get out of DRI timeshare. Paid Travel & Leisure £350 to try and sell points but they have failed to sell and I have lost my money."

27th May 2016 - Ms Usha J, Middlesex - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"I was pressurised into buying this flat by 2 young asian guys & did not tell me that the maintenance fees would go up every yr. I have been there only once and they make it very difficult for me to get out. They do not answer any of my emails or registered letters. Please help me to get my money back for the flat & all the maintenance fees I have paid. They threatened me that unless I paid, they would take me to court."

26th May 2016 - Mrs Jackie O, Hampshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We originally bought into Tempus in Florida which was then taken over by Diamond International in 2004. Since diamond took over we have been coerced into buying more points to get away from a set week and go totally over to a point system. So now paying higher fees. Becoming increasingly hard to pay the fees, can you help?

26th May 2016 - Mr Hugh H - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Looking to get out of fractional contract as ill health has restricted any future use of holiday property, I've tried talking to CLC but they are just not interested."

25th May 2016 - Mrs Marinda B, London - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We signed up with GVC and we were not given the opportunity to opt out when the company changed to Sunterra and then to Diamond Resorts. We want to get rid of this and have signed up with Travel and Leisure and now they are asking for money to find a buyer for our points."

24th May 2016 - Mrs S P, West Midlands - Anfi Group

"I have a bi-annual timeshare at Anfi and every time I ask to sell back they refuse, saying they are not operating buy back scheme any more"

24th May 2016 - Ms S N, Neath Port Talbot - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We got bullied into a fractional ownership last year and have been told we won't be able to get out of it. There were a lot of personal circumstances surrounding us buying into it."

24th May 2016 - Mrs Ann C, Leicestershire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Increased fees don't use it as can never get in. Want to sell and can't."

24th May 2016 - Mr Steven V, Devon - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I have lost my job and can't afford to pay the £600.00 monthly amount so we want to look at coming out of our CLC World Membership"

24th May 2016 - Mr Joe T - Fairways Tenerife

"Can no longer use timeshare. Keep being offered high cost fractional exit plans. Just want to give it up."

24th May 2016 - Mrs Sharon J, Wiltshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We are struggling to find the actual money to pay the management fees and to get enough money together to enjoy the holidays."

23rd May 2016 - Mrs Julie B, West Midlands - WimPen Leisure

"I act on behalf of the estate of a person who had a timeshare at Las Rosas . No one wishes to retain the timeshare and we wish to hand it back but are not having any joy with WimPen"

23rd May 2016 - Mr John D, Worcestershire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"I have fixed two weeks in sunset bay resort in September. I think they have got me on a perpetuity contract."

23rd May 2016 - Mr Daniel M, Derbyshire - Sunterra/Diamond Resorts

"This system never worked with our "starter" points of 5000 costing us £10,000. We were told we would get 3 holidays a year on this! Never availability in school holidays unless you do Tenerife every year. We had to buy more points which means we can get holidays but the cost every January is now prohibitive."

23rd May 2016 - Mr Andrew W - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"What options have I got to leave this scheme, been in first as GVC, then Sunterra and now DRI. As other people have stated, we now find them selling weeks outside the club membership, so availability is getting even worse."

23rd May 2016 - Mrs Kathryn Q, Warwickshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We have been members for years and feel we have been mis-sold."

23rd May 2016 - Mrs D O, Derbyshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We bought into what was then Sunterra, promised the world, only could for every few years as had to bank points just to be able to go somewhere nice for a few weeks could get anywhere last minute. Ended up buying further points just to be able to use the club further. Then ever rising fees meant we could no longer afford to pay."

22nd May 2016 - Mr Richard F, Surrey - Club La Costa (CLC)

"I have been frustrated with CLC for a long time and would like to see how I could make a claim."

21st May 2016 - Mrs Brenda K - RCI

"We have a timeshare in the GrandView Las Vegas. Recent media coverage has sparked our curiousity! Now on reading some comments it seems we were naive and we see timeshare is problematic for others too so would like more information about possible compensation or revoking the contract."

22nd May 2016 - Mrs Christine E, Cambridgeshire - MacDonald Resorts

"We have been trying to get rid of our timeshare for years and have never been able to get the exchange resorts we wanted through RCI."

21st May 2016 - Mrs M L, North Yorkshire - Heritage Resorts

"Original purchase in Marbella arranged privately. Annual fees have increased hugely. We purchased what was supposed to be a change to enable exit, but turned out was just an upgrade. Have asked to exit but they say there is currently no exit policy. Currently adding 20% to outstanding fees. We're in our 80s and my husband is in poor health."

21st May 2016 - Mr Jeff D, Argyllshire - Paradise Kings Club

"Am stuck with timeshare at Paradise Kings Club, Paphos. Would just love to get rid of it."

21st May 2016 - Mrs V H, Greater Manchester - Club La Costa (CLC)

"Bought into Club la Costa after a hard sell, haven't used it once as cannot afford the maintenance fees. Worked out that the loan will cost us £35,000 for a product we will never use. Tried to get out of it but told was sold in a Spanish country. This is a terrible company please help."

20th May 2016 - Mrs Sylvia C - WimPen Sueno Azul

"We are getting too old to go to Tenerife our children are not interested in time share."

20th May 2016 - Mr Barry D, Kent - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We brought points with GVC and then Sunterra, before DRI took over. Not what we brought into. Fees go up and up."

20th May 2016 - Mrs Gillian B, Gloucestershire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We bought GVC points in 2002. My circumstances have now changed as my husband has died but I am still locked into the points and have to pay £845 maintenance which I cannot afford"

20th May 2016 - Mr Mike W, South Yorkshire - Petchey/MGM/Infiniti

"We have a Points contract in perpetuity with MGM Hotels Group. Can we claim for mis-selling?"

20th May 2016 - Mrs Linda K - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Can't get the holidays we want and told the we wanted before purchasing."

20th May 2016 - Mrs Carol G - Anfi Group

"We were persuaded to upgrade in 2008. We have never been able to use the timeshare since and they refused to refused to listen to us. We have paid over £30,000 pounds to them. Can we claim it back?"

20th May 2016 - Ms K B, Swansea - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Was originally with CLC but got conned again by Club Greece to swap for RCI points and now we're stuck with those!"

20th May 2016 - Mrs Kirsteen M, Dumfries and Galloway - RCI

"Not happy. We have paid resale fees for 2 years now & guess what? No sale."

19th May 2016 - Mrs Sharon A, Yorkshire - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"Originally sold a 6 week block. Hassled on the first week of the 6 week block to change to timeshare. High pressure sales people took us to the middle of nowhere and we ended up we signing to buy a fixed week. Company changed from Grand Vacation (6 week block) RCI, to Sunterra to Diamond Resorts."

19th May 2016 - Mrs Anne B, West Yorkshire - Macdonald Resorts

"We bought a week at Kilconquhar Castle and got a loan for the timeshare. We lost our jobs and attempted to re-sell but we were told we could not activate that clause as they had too many properties for re-sale. We are now left with the debt."

19th May 2016 - Miss Donna C, South Yorkshire - Club La Costa (CLC)

"We were bullied into upgrading to full membership, never to be used."

19th May 2016 - Mr Bernard C, Devon - Diamond Resorts (DRI)

"We want to get out od Diamond Resorts completely. Fees have escalated and travel insurance costs now make it way too costly."

19th May 2016 - Mr Alan G, Bedfordshire - Loch Rannoch

"I own 1 week at Loch Rannoch (week 52). Paid £5,500 back in 1980s when I lived in Scotland. told I'd have no problem selling it if I moved to England which I did. Now can't give it away, stuck with fees in perpetuity!"

29 April 2016 - Mrs Diane M - Westgate

"Bought into Westgate, wish we hadn't, been trying to find out how to sell it back but they aren't interested, need advice on if we were mis-sold and/or if we can get rid of it asap! Thankyou."

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